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30 de Setembro: Pearl Jam em Missoula, Montana

Cidade: Missoula
País: Estados Unidos
Data: 30.09.2012
Hora: ~ 20:30 (23:30 de Brasília)
Banda de Abertura: Mudhoney


01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Corduroy
03. Do The Evolution
04. Got Some

Ed says "this is about the coziest place we have played since I can remember. Nice place you got here Jeff Ament." He goes on to say that it is "great to be literally surrounded by friends and family and senators. We get asked to do these a lot but it is hard to find one with a politician we can get behind. Because of certain legalities we can't have him on the stage but there he is in 201. Hello Jon. He at least gets to be at his party." Ed thanks Jon for doing a great job and dedicates the next song to him.

05. Given To Fly
06. Amongst The Waves
07. Severed Hand
08. Unthought Known
09. Not For You
10. State Of Love And Trust
11. Jeremy

(Ed starts saying that the next song they are going to play was written by Jeff and it doesn't get played much but there is a line at the end of the song that is part of reason why the are playing it tonight. He then discusses the candidate on the other side that said something about the 47% of people that are living off the government. "He makes it seem that those people are never gonna do anything and just collect food stamps all their life. I don't think those people want to go into a grocery store and pay with food stamps. It isn't a point of pride for them. A guy who thinks like that doesn't represent or relate to half of the country. Probably more like 1%…." I don't think this other candidate, and you know who he is has ever experienced the terror of walking the tight rope and just getting by. And the last line of this song 'Ghost' is "Bring It On Because I'm No Victim")

12. Ghost
13. Daughter/Blitzkrieg Bop-(Ramones) [changes line to 'Hey Ho-Let's Vote']

(Boom gets up on his riser after 'Daughter' and the crowd starts shouting "Booooooooommmm". Ed says let me explain to Jon and his wife Sharla, they aren't booing. Ladies and gentleman Mr. Boom Gasper" Ed then compliments the University and wishes he was smart enough to go to college because it looks like a great place to attend. He also talks about waking up not feeling well and took advantage of the sauna at the school. He talks about how some people are just way too comfortable and how one person in particular seemed extremely comfortable "he was siting on a perfectly good towel and everything was just…out. I started to worry that he was gonna ask me to autograph it and then there would be the awkward moment when I would just be able to initialize it. But maybe like a good party trick I would end up being able to fit "don't forget to vote' on it.)

14. Know Your Rights-(Jones, Strummer)
15. Comatose
16. Why Go

Encore Break 1

(Ed apologizes for taking longer to come back from the encore break. We were trying to figure what to play next and you guys are so loud I got a terrible headache. I had to take about eight aspirin. I am all good now so make all the noise you want. In order to keep everything equal we are gonna play a song for those in the back)

17. Last Kiss-(Cochran)

(I'm not saying this to placate but it is nice to see not only the American flag but the Montana flag as well. This one is for Jeff's friends who are now our friends. It's called "Off He Goes")

{the band plays the next few songs seated on chairs}

18. Off He Goes

(Ed asks, "you guys okay if we stay in 'campfire' mode for just a little bit?")

19. Man Of The Hour
20. Nothingman

{The band stands up for the next song}

21. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) [during the "Save It" tag Ed says "We'll dedicate this one to Jon Tester, the better man."]

Encore Break 2

(Jeff comes on stage and says, "I want to thank Jon and Sharla and everybody working so hard for them and I want to thank the band for this and I don't think I have ever done this but I want to thank my mom and dad. I love you and thanks so much." Ed says "I want to thank Jeff's parents too because without him we wouldn't be here.")

22. Wasted Reprise
23. Life Wasted

(Ed says, "just one more thing, can we talk about the vote? can we talk about the vote? Jon talks about two things, there is the money and there is the shoe leather. This election is one of two elections that will determine what happens in the house and whether we can get anything done. So get out and support a great senator")

24. Fortunate Son-(John Fogerty)
25. Alive

(during 'Alive' at one point Ed goes to the upstage area and waves at the people there and bashes a few times on the cocktail drum kit)

(Ed says, "this is gonna be a hell of bootleg and wouldn't be complete with Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudhoney coming up here and playing with us". When it appears that Mark is going to sing on Ed's mic Ed says "Hey, he's gotta have his own mic I want him to be able to talk to tomorrow". This is reference to how sick Ed is and him not wanting to get Mark sick by using the same mic. Mark ends up singing on Stone's mic)

26. Kick Out The Jams-(Davis, Kramer, Smith, Thompson, Tyner) {with Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney}

27. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)

{during the break down Ed says "Look at you, look at you…chicken skin brudda, chicken skin..) Chicken skin is reference to getting "goosebumps" because of an emotional reaction.}

(Ed says, "Thank you Montana, Thank you from the band and the crew, and they know it's true when I say this is the best American crowd we have played for since I don't know when." He thanks Jon Tester and encourages the audience to go out and vote.)

28. Indifference

(Ed addresses a young person in the audience and jokes "you and me are gonna go down and get you a voter ID…No, but someday you are going to be able to go out and vote."











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Pearl Jam se Arrisca em Álbum Mais Ambicioso

Em uma breve nota de página da revista Rolling Stone (foto abaixo), Jeff Ament, baixista do Pearl Jam,  disse que a banda está arriscando mais no sentido de criatividade e que as músicas estão bem distantes da zona de conforto do grupo. Boa notícia, certo?


quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2012

Download: Pearl Jam em Berlin II - 5.7.2012

Mais um boot oficial para download aqui no blog! Agora é o segundo show que a banda fez em Berlin, no dia 5 de Julho desse ano. Músicas como "Breakerfall", "Sad", "Present Tense" e "Mother" (Pink Floyd) foram algumas das raridades presentes. Aproveitem!




Shows anteriores:

quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

Download: Deep Magazine 8

Disponibilizo o download da edição de número 8 da revista oficial do Ten Club: Deep Magazine. Bastante notícias e belas fotos para deleite dos fãs!


Line Up do Lollapalooza Será Divulgado Segunda Feira *Vaza Suposta Lista no Chile

O site oficial do Lollapalooza divulgou uma notícia informando que o line up do festival que acontecerá ano que vem será divulgado na próxima Segunda Feira, dia primeiro de Outubro. O Pearl Jam é uma das bandas cotadas para tocar, juntamente com Black Keys, Jack White e até mesmo Red Hot Chili Peppers. Agora é esperar e torcer para que os rumores sejam verdade!

***Vazou uma possível lista das bandas que irão tocar no Lollapalooza Chile e a nossa queria banda está entre os headliners! Se isso for verdade, aumentam as chances das banda estar presente na versão brasileira do festival. Abaixo a foto da suposta lista:

Fonte: Atividade FM

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22/09: Pearl Jam no Midtown Festival

Cidade: Atlanta
País: Estados unidos
Data: 22.09.2012
Hora: 21:00h (22:00h de Brasília)




01. Why Go (Stone's guitar rig fails for most of the song.)
02. Save You
03. Animal

(Ed says it is a great night to be in Atlanta and he has never seen the city from this perspective, referring to the location where the festival is being held. He also goes to comment on how great Florence And The Machine were and how great Florence and audience crowd sang. He invites the crowd to sing as much as they can tonight.)

04. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In a Small Town
05. Corduroy
06. Got Some

(Ed decides he will take a moment and describe what the next song is about. He talks about the various kinds of love, like first love and the love in the early part of relationship and love that lasts for years. He also says that the band has deep and long lasting love and that yes, men can love men. He says this next song is about the kind of love that is "ocean deep, long lasting love that surrounds you.")

07. Amongst The Waves
08. Wishlist
09. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
10. Do The Evolution
11. Even Flow

(Ed reminds the audience that it is an election year and encourages everyone to vote and make sure they have the proper ID because some states have new voter ID laws. He also lists the kind of ID that will and won't work. When he gets to gun registration ID working while student ID's won't the crowd cheers a little and some boos are heard as well. Ed says that "in Florida that comment got a much bigger reception. Florida and Arizona seem to be in some sort of bizarre arms race with each other." He then tells the audience that voting is your right.)

12. Know Your Rights-(Jones, Strummer)
13. Nothingman
14. Supersonic
15. Jeremy
16. Porch

(During Porch Ed goes down into the pit and runs along the front and up the center barricades)

Encore Break 1

(Ed says they are going to play as long as they will let them. He thanks Gus for putting on the festival and is happy that back after not being around for a few years.)

17. Crazy Mary-(Williams)

(During Crazy Mary Ed goes down by the barricade again. He also playfully messes with one of the video screen cameramen)

18. Given To Fly-(dedicated to a friend of Mike McCready's named Steve Gleason)

(Ed mentions that "many of the songs we wrote and recorded were done right here in Atlanta with local hero Brendan O'Brien who is here tonight and is a great friend. This is what we secretly call him behind his back. The Fixer")

19. The Fixer
20. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2

(Ed thanks the audience for behaving so well. He points out a young boy that is down in front and comments that if kids and small women can be down in front and be okay it says a lot about the audience taking care of each other. He then, jokingly, asks the boy if he would like some wine, Ed goes onto to thank all of the friends they have acquired over the years the band has been together. He also thanks the local crew that worked the festival and the bands long time touring crew. He says the band has been together for a long time and it speaks to their friendship that have never broken up or had really hateful arguments. He introduces the band and says he hates to repeat a story but he wants to tell the story about watching PJ20 with a friend who commented that "Jeff Ament is such a bad ass" and Ed couldn't agree more.)

21. Unthought Known
22. Black
23. Alive
(Ed says. "they tell us we only have two minutes left so we are going to play this as fast as we can.)
24. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)


sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012

21/09: Pearl no DeLuna Festival

Cidade: Pensacola
País: Estados Unidos
Data: 21.09.2012
Hora: 21:30h (23:30 de Brasília)




01. Oceans
02. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
03. Corduroy
04. Got Some
05. Once
Ed wonders when Pensacola got so beautiful. He mentions asking a local person how they were doing and getting the response, "I live and work 20 yards from the Gulf. I am doing great!" He says "we haven't been here since 1994 so thanks for welcoming us back."
06. Given To Fly
"It isn't often that we get to play next to the ocean…" Ed then spots some people on a boat close to shore and waves to them.
07. Amongst The Waves
Ed reminds the audience that Florida is one of the states that has a new voter ID law and urges them to make sure they have a photo ID and not to lose it if they get naked and go swimming after the show. He also asks them to check with older family members and make sure they have a photo ID because social security cards, library cards and student ID's won't work but gun registration cards will. This gets a cheer from the crowd. He goes on to say "No matter who you are going to vote get out there and vote."
08. Grievance
09. Even Flow
(Ed says he thought he knew Mike McCready but Mike just informed him that Mike was born in Pensacola. Ed goes on to talk about meeting some people from "Wounded Warriors". He says that he had heard an overwhelming statistic about what the troops are going through. He implores the audience to do anything they can to help out. By educating themselves, donating or visiting the website and helping people in the military who are suffering.)
10. World Wide Suicide
11. The Fixer
12. Daughter/It's OK-(Cole) (Ed asks the audience to sing for him and sing loudly because he can't hear that great after 20 years of playing)
13. Of The Earth
14. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Ed talks about losing someone close to you and how painful it is. He explains that this song is for his friend John (Johnny Ramone).
15. Parachutes
16. Unthought Known
17. Do The Evolution
18. Porch

Encore Break 1
(Ed thanks the people that created the festival and the bands that played. He tells the audience that the night isn't over yet and Stone starts the intro to Black but stops after a few bars when he makes a mistake. Ed jokingly says, "I guess it is over, thank you good night…Stone then starts the song again)
19. Black
20. Comatose
21. Why Go
22. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Ed introduces the band, referring to Matt has the hardest worker no matter what he is doing and Jeff as a best friend a real bad ass. He talks about bands like Ben Folds Five and Guided By Voices that have gotten back together and continue to make great music and says that they (the audience) are the biggest reason that Pearl Jam has managed to stay together and keep playing for the last 20 years. The audience corrects him by pointing out it has been 21 years. He tells them they can join the band on vocals tonight)
23. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
(Ed talks about asking Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices if he would like to play a song with them. Robert said he was going to stay for the show but that he would be too 'fucked up' to play. Ed admired his friends honesty. He goes on to say this next song reminds me of Robert and another friend back home named Lukin.)
24. Lukin
25. Alive (during 'Alive' Ed climbs the up a short distance on some scaffolding on Mike McCready's side. This gets a huge cheer from the crowd.)
26. Baba O'Riley-(Townshend)
27. Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner


Eddie tocando "State of Love and Trust" com a banda Gaslight

Download: Pearl Jam em Berlin I - 04.07.2012

Disponibilizo para download o último boot oficial lançado pelo Ten Club. O show foi em Berlin no dia 4 de Julho desse ano. Aproveitem!


1. Long Road
2. Why Go
3. Given to Fly
4. The Fixer
5. Faithfull
6. Small Town
7. Got Some
8. In My Tree
9. Even Flow
10. Daughter/Hey Ho Let's Go/ It's OK
11. State Of Love And Trust
12. Immortality
13. Lukin
14. Unthought Known
15. I Believe in Miracles
16. Rearviewmirror
17. The End
18. Just Breathe
19. Hard to Imagine
20. Once
21. Do The Evolution
22. Jeremy
23. Leash
24. Black
25. Alive
26. Rockin In The Free World
27. Indifference




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20 de Setembro: Eddie em Tampa, Flórida *Editado

Hoje o Eddie fará uma apresentação para 85 pessoas no comício do candidato à reeleição Barack Obama; a apresentação será em Tampa, na Flórida, e os ingressos custam 20.000 dólares. O local estará anunciado apenas nos ingressos e por enquanto não é possível saber horários. A festa terá como chef Tyler Florence, famoso por apresentar o programa "The Great Food Truck Race", no canal Food Network. 

Para quem é rico, apoia o Obama, mora nos Estados Unidos, e é fã de Pearl Jam, uma boa oportunidade de conhecer o Eddie pessoalmente. Pena que cumpro apenas dois dos quatro requisitos...

(Crédito da foto: The Sky I Scrape)


Foi um set de quatro músicas:

1. Rise
2. Without You
3. Millworker (James Taylor)
4. Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)

Eddie falou algumas vezes, traduzo aqui o que li em notícias em inglês:

Sobre o vídeo em que Romney, candidato republicano à presidência, é visto criticando pessoas que pedem um plano de saúde público e outros tipos de auxílio:

" É muito triste ver um candidato à presidência desconsiderar uma parcela tão grande da nossa população", acrescentando que se Romney ganhasse a eleição: "...nenhum desses 47% teria alguma voz."

Eddie comentou ainda sobre um programa do governo que o ensinou a exercer a profissão de segurança, emprego que o ajudou com suas ambições musicais:

"Era um emprego que me ajudou a comprar uma guitarra, gravadores e microfones e também ajudou na minha carreira musical. Era um emprego que eu abandonei relutantemente para me juntar a uma banda em Seattle. Tudo acabou dando certo."

Em uma altura do show, Eddie quebrou o seu ukulele e mostrou em um tom de piada que o instrumento tinha um certificado de que era feito no Havaí. A brincadeira foi com relação às dúvidas mostradas pela oposição quanto ao local de nascimento de Obama; os republicanos alegam que Obama não nasceu nos Estados Unidos.



Mais Informações Sobre o Novo Álbum do Soundgarden

             O novo álbum do Soundgarden, King Animal, já tem data de lançamento, será no dia 11 de Novembro e já está em pré-venda pela Amazon uma versão normal e uma deluxe. Além disso, a banda já divulgou o nome das músicas, a capa (foto acima) e um pequeno trailer promovendo o novo trabalho; confira abaixo:


1. Been Away Too Long
2. Non-State Actor
3. By Crooked Steps
4. A Thousand Days Before
5. Blood On The Valley Floor
6. Bones of Birds
7. Taree
8. Attrition
9. Black Saturday
10. Halfway There
11. Worse Dreams
12. Eyelid’s Mouth
13. Rowing


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Banda Paralela do Jeff Lança Novo Clipe

RNDM, banda paralela do Jeff, acabou de lançar o clipe da música "Modern Times". O áudio dela já estava rolando pela internet e o álbum do grupo, intitulado Acts, será lançado no dia 30 de Outubro.

Show do Eddie Solo por 20.000 Dólares?

Sim, para os eleitores do Obama uma chance de não só acompanhar o candidato à presidência dar um discurso, mas de assistir a um show do vocalista do Pearl Jam. O evento, que acontecerá em Tampa, na Flórida, tem como intuito arrecadar dinheiro para a campanha do presidente, candidato à reeleição. Os ingressos estão na bagatela de 20.000 dólares; uma verdadeira pechincha! A notícia foi veiculada no site The Clearwater Patch

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Pearl Jam Relança PJ20 Edição de Luxo

Para aquelas que estavam desesperados por não terem comprado o box do filme PJ20 + Extras, de três DVD's ou Blu Ray's que a banda lançou ano passado, está disponível por pouco tempo no site oficial um relançamento pela metade do preço tanto do DVD quanto do Blu Ray, e será lançado no dia 13 de Novembro. Vale muito a pena! Além do filme Pearl Jam Twenty, o disco 2 contém versões na íntegra das músicas tocadas durante o filme, (Fantástico! Desde o ínicio da carreira até versões atuais) e no disco 3 um verdadeiro ode aos fãs da banda, com entrevistas e pequenos documentários! Meu conselho: COMPREM! APROVEITEM!

O DVD custa $29.99; para comprar, clique aqui.

O Blu-Ray (recomendo) custa $39.99; para comprar, clique aqui.

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Download: Praga, República Tcheca - 02.07.2012

Mais um boot oficial para download aqui no blog. Agora o show foi em Praga, capital da República Tcheca, e contou com raridades como: "God's Dice", "Push Me Pull Me", "Of The Girl" e "Crazy Mary". Bom proveito!


1. Sometimes
2. Animal
3. Given to Fly
4. Got Some
5. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
6. God's Dice
7. The Fixer
8. I Am Mine
9. Corduroy
10. Even Flow
11. Setting Forth
12. Not For You
13. Push Me Pull Me
14. Garden
15. Half Full
16. Unthought Known
17. Wasted Reprise
18. Life Wasted
19. Why Go
20. Of The Girl
21. Just Breathe
22. Crazy Mary
23. Angie teaser/Once
24. Do the Evolution
25. Worldwide Suicide
26. Better Man
27. Black
28. Alive
29. Baba O'Riley
30. Yellow Ledbetter





quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Brad Anuncia Turnê Européia

         A banda paralela do Stone acabou de anunciar as datas da sua turnê européia, que será realizada em Fevereiro de 2013. Confira abaixo as datas:

February 8: Club Academy 2: Manchester, England
February 9: Academy 2: Birmingham, England
February 10: Islington Academy: London, England
February 12: Venue TBA: Paris, France
February 13: Venue TBA: Antwerp, Belgium
February 14: Venue TBA: Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 15: Venue TBA: Utrecht, Netherlands
February 16: Venue TBA: Hengelo, Netherlands
February 18: Knust: Hamburg, Germany
February 19: Frannz Club: Berlin, Germany
February 20: Luxor: Cologne, Germany
February 21: 59:1: Munich, Germany
February 23: Venue TBA: Milan, Italy
February 24: Viper: Florence, Italy

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Eddie no Show do Bruce Springsteen - *EDIT

O Eddie esteve ontem à noite no show que o Bruce Springsteen fez em Chicago. Ele participou das músicas "Atlantic City", "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" e "Twist and Shout". 

Abaixo alguns vídeos da noite:

sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012

Download: Pearl Jam no Main Square Festival - 30.06.12

Coloco mais um download da turnê européia que o Pearl Jam fez na metade desse ano. O show agora foi em Arras, na França, e tem um setlist excelente, incluindo músicas como Low Light, Wishlist, Nothingman e Breath. Quem quiser baixar os outros shows dessa turnê, basta procurar nos posts anteriores. Aproveitem!




quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Download: Werchter Festival - 29.06.2012

Disponibilizo o show que o Pearl Jam fez no Werchter Festival na Bélgica. Todos os boots da turnê européia lançados até o momento pelo Tenclub estão disponíveis no blog em posts anteriores! Aproveitem!


Jeff Ament Fala Sobre o Novo Álbum

Em entrevista ao canal Fuse, o baixista do Pearl Jam falou sobre o novo álbum, a parceria com Jay-Z no Made in America Festival e sobre o relançamento de álbuns anteriores. Abaixo o vídeo da entrevista e um resumo do que ele disse:

NOVO ÁLBUM: Está na metade, e a banda está cheia de ideias e trabalhando sem pressão, deixando tudo fluir.

JAY Z: Jeff nem sabia que a banda fazia parte dessa "cena" e ficou lisonjeado pelo convite de participar do festival.

RELANÇAMENTO DE ÁLBUNS ANTERIORES: O plano era relançarem mais três discos (No Code, Yield e Binaural) mas o grupo estava se sentindo uma banda que vivia da nostalgia, por isso decidiram parar por alguns anos (!) esse tipo de trabalho.

terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Download: Amsterdam 27.07.2012 em ALAC HD *EDIT

Disponibilizo no formato ALAC (Apple Lossless) HD o show que o Pearl Jam fez no dia 27 de Julho. A qualidade é muito superior ao MP3 e pode ser ouvida no Itunes, Ipad e Iphones (mais atuais) e roda tranquilamente no Windows com o Itunes e outros programas (assim que souber nomes eu aviso aqui). 


***Arrumei os links para o Mediafire, por isso tive que dividir em várias partes, cada uma com 400MB na média. Links com esse tamanho podem ficar temporariamente fora do ar caso tenham muitos acessos, por isso, tenham paciência!

Disc 1:




Disc 2:




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02/09: Pearl Jam em Filadélfia - Made In America *EDIT

Cidade: Filadéfia
País: Estados Unidos
Data: 02.09.2012
Hora: 21:00h (22:00h de Brasília)
Última banda a se apresentar



01. Go
02. Corduroy
03. Save You
("Thanks to Jay-Z for giving us wings. Giving all the bands here wings.")
04. Given To Fly
05. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(Ed says-"this song is about a man who had a job and did everything that was asked of him…and he and hundreds of other employees still lost their jobs. More people have jobs than a few years ago but too many are still unemployed. Remember when someone talks about creating jobs they might be creating jobs overseas. We would like to see more jobs created here in America")
06. Unemployable
07. Even Flow
08. Got Some
09. Daughter/Blitzkrieg Bop-(Ramones) (Ed says "Hey Ho, D'Angelo" at the end of the tag and laughs.)
(Ed says "This is the first show we have played were you can see a highway sign from the stage. I don't know what it says or where it's going but we are staying right here." He then says they are happy to be sharing the stage with the other bands and lists a few of them including Run-D.M.C., Skrillex and Jay-Z. He states "This song sounds best under an open sky. It's a shame you can't see the moon tonight. Maybe it will come out during this song.")
10. Unthought Known
11. The Fixer
12. Nothing Man
("This next one is about nature, it's about man, it's about art, it's about music, it's about everything because it's evolution baby")
13. Do The Evolution
14. Jeremy
("Thanks for using your voice and singing. Now we want to talk about rights…I want to talk about one of the political parties, I won't mention any names but there are only two. One of the parties wants to make it harder for you to vote. That means that they must think your vote counts if they are trying to keep you from voting. So go out and vote.")
15. Know Your Rights-(Jones, Strummer) {The Clash}
16. Rearviewmirror
Encore Break 1
(Ed introduces Boom as being "from the last state added to the United States. The Hawaiian Islands, Mr. Boom Gasper)
17. Love, Reign O'er Me-(Townshend)
18. Spin The Black Circle
(Ed tells the audience "we may not know all of you as well as we know some but we would appreciate if you do us a favor and help sing this one. Maybe the people we do know will help the ones that might not know the song)
19. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
20. Comatose
21. Black
22. Alive
(Ed thanks Jay-Z for putting the festival together and apologizes if he forgot to thank any other bands earlier including Drake, whom he refers to as a great singer. He also thanks Philadelphia who are always so good to Pearl Jam. They have created another great memory for the band. During the drum intro for W.M.A. he introduces the band.)
23. W.M.A/99 Problems-(Jay-Z) {With Jay-Z} (as a full version of W.M.A winds down Jay-Z comes out and performs "99 Problems" with Pearl Jam)
24. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)


99 Problems (Jay Z e Pearl Jam):


Love Reign O'er Me: